Aluminum products

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Sheets, mold materials, foil, cast and forged products, die-cast products, various aluminum surface processes (Alumite, hard Alumite, Tufram, Nedox, Nifgrip)

Finished aluminum products

Finished aluminum products


Lighter than iron and nickel and having fairly good corrosion resistance and workability, aluminum is widely used in many industries.
We not only sell raw aluminum materials; we also carry many finished and recycled aluminum products (secondary alloys).


  • General industrial use
  • Automotive parts (cast and forged parts, diecasts, etc.)
  • Electrical components
  • Packaging materials (food products and medical goods)
  • Daily goods (aluminum foil, aluminum window sashes)
  • Radiator components
  • Heat sink components


Do you handle various shapes (sheets, bars, angles)?
Yes, we do. We can handle many shape requirements.
Is it possible to purchase small quantities (such as just one sheet)?
Yes. Feel free to contact us about any size of order.
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