Precision rolled materials for assemblies (gold-tin alloy solder pastes, cladded materials)

Gold-tin alloy solder pastes

Gold-tin alloy solder pastes

Cladded materials

Cladded materials


We sell precision-rolled materials for assemblies from Mitsubishi Materials that are used in such advanced products as smartphones and tablets that are such large parts of our daily lives.
These products use materials of the highest purity and are fabricated with state-of-the-art equipment installed in strictly controlled clean rooms.


  • Gold-tin alloy solder pastes

    - These solder pastes are used for bonding in high-frequency devices and opto-electronic devices and support the diversifying shapes and sizes of bonding products.

  • Cladded materials

    - We produce composite materials (such as Pt/Mo/Pt, Au/Ag/Ag, and Au/Ag) through cladding technology that have properties unobtainable with mono-materials.


What applications are these materials being used for?
They are used to seal SAW filters and crystal oscillators and for die bonding in high-output LEDs.
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