Job coating service (DLC coating, surface modification, etc.)

DLC coating machine

DLC coating machine

sample coating:Endmill

sample coating:Endmill

sample coating2: cemented carbide die for electric contact

sample coating2: cemented carbide die for electric contact


We are supplying the various coating including DLC coating and surface modification services.
It can increase the life of metal mold and cutting tools, and also increase the smoothness for machine parts.
We are supplying suitable coating services for customer needs.

Coating services

  • Various DLC coating (include hydrogen free)
  • Diamond coating
  • Various PVD, CVD coating
  • Please contact us about other coating services

Hydrogen free DLC coating (Service 1)

  • High hardness: Hv6000-8000
  • High coherence
  • Low coefficient of friction : 0.1
  • Low processing temperature : 15℃ ~ 150℃
  • Thickness : 0.005~2µm (Normal 1µm)



  • Cutting tools→ Endmill, reamer (Mould release , welding resistance)
  • Molds → Contact caulking punch (Abrasive resistance, long life)
  • Jigs →Resin made electrical pad (Low-temperature deposition for polymer)
  • Machine parts → Transfer rail (Sliding)

【Main use】

  • Machine parts→ Transfer rail, guide, roller shaft, crank
  • Automotive→ Valve lifter, piston ring, cum shaft,
  • Cutting tools→ Drill, endmill, tap, chip etc.
  • Mold→ Mold for plastic, aluminum, rubber, various punch and dice
  • Others→ Medical equipment(stent, catheter), scissors, fishing gear, sports equipment etc.


What kind of material is possible to coat?
We have already done for hard carbide, steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, ceramic, cermet, plastic, rubber etc.
Is it possible to try coating the sample?
Yes, we will supply the discount price compare with normal price.
Is it possible to do coating the big work?
Yes, please contact us about dimensions and sizes.
Is it possible to do DLC coating for resin and rubber?
Yes, we have DLC coating with special structure.
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