Cutting tools

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Rotating tools

- Inserts
- Milling cutters
- Hard solid endmills
- High-speed steel endmills
- TA endmills
- Carbide reamers
- Gun reamers, etc

Drill bits

- Carbide drills
- TA drills
- Brazed drills
- High-speed steel drills
- Gun drills, etc

Lathe turning tools

- Inserts
- Tool holders
- Boring bars

Ultra-high-pressure tools

- Diamond
- Borazon

Other special tools and jigs


  • High-efficiency, high-speed machining, beautiful finished surfaces, long life, improved chip processing, high precision, huge product lineup
  • We have many series of products that can cover everything from rough machining to finishing.
  • We have product series that can machine everything from ordinary steel to difficult-to-machine materials.
  • Full turnkey contracting for all types of machining
  • CVD diamond coatings

    - Offers better abrasion resistance and defect resistance through a special solid crystalline organization
    - Superb versatility and tool integration

  • PVD diamond coatings

    - Offers longer life than cemented carbide tools under the same machining conditions
    - Can be coated on tools with sharp cutting edges without softening or transforming the base metal
    - Miracle coating demonstrates its superiority even under unstable low and mid-speed cutting conditions

  • Cermet

    - Offers better abrasion resistance and defect resistance through optimized organization and a special alloy binder phase
    - Superb versatility and tool integration

  • Coated cermet

    - A PVD coating is applied to base cermet material for excellent abrasion resistance and defect resistance as well as for stable performance

  • Cemented carbide

    We have a diverse line of products for every application.
    - Versatile M series can handle both steel and cast iron
    - K series for cast iron, nonferrous metals, and non-metals
    - S series for heat-resistant alloys and titanium alloys

  • Super fine-grain alloys (for solid tools)

    - Super fine-grain alloys are materials with excellent abrasion resistance and toughness because the WC (tungsten carbide) hardness phase is much finer than ordinary cemented carbide

  • Gun Drill [Made in China]
    Products : Single/Twin Flut, Solid, PCD
         Coating [Tin, AlTin, Alcrn etc]


  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Boring
  • Gun drill
  • Grooving
  • Screw-thread cutting
  • Outside diameter machining
  • Tooling, etc.


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