Dielectric thin film fabrication materials

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Pb (Zr, Ti) O3PZT (titanic acid zirconate)
(Pb, La) (Zr, Ti) O3PLZT (titanic acid zicronate lanthanum lead)
Bi4Ti3O12 (lead-free titanic acid bismuth)
SrBi2 (Nb, Ta) 2O3 (name unknown)

Sol-Gel Solutions

Sol-Gel Solutions


We are the market leader in selling high-dielectric and ferroelectric thin film materials that support various deposition methods, including sol-gel and sputtering.
Our products can handle all kinds of dielectric film applications and deposition methods.


  • SAW filters
  • FeRAM
  • High-K
  • MEMS
  • Capacitors
  • Dielectric films for various kinds of sensors
  • Capacitor materials for memory


Explain the thin-film formation methods that use sol-gel solutions.
They are coated with a spin-coat method. This allows for a uniform thickness to be formed.
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