Cemented carbide tools for hot rolling


  • Because these tools are highly wear resistant and enable long, continuous rolling of very accurate products, they help raise production efficiency, raise operational efficiency, and boost yields.
  • Very fine product grains can be obtained because the calibers have very little surface roughness.
  • Because of their excellent thermal stock resistance, heat cracks are shallow and reworking is slight, for very economical processes.

Features of the Mitsubishi Materials cemented carbide tools that we carry

  • We have a trustworthy quality assurance system that is top in the world.
  • Our production and manufacturing system can handle all kinds of size, material, and rolling requirements.
  • We have a very detailed technical support system with a wealth of knowledge from materials to machining and processing.


  • Used in hot-rolling (finishing) processes by steelmakers

    Note: Wire rod, steel bar, deformed bar, and other steel shape rolling

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