Injection molding molds and related products (cold types and hot runner types)


We offer metal molds for both cold systems and hot runner systems.
We can also supply molded items to meet specific requests.
Hot runner systems eliminate or reduce the need for exhaust runners, thus lowering the impact on the environment and reducing the cost of treatment and disposal of waste materials.


  • Components for office equipment (gears, bearings, etc.)
  • Automotive parts (electrical components, connectors, etc.)
  • Components for medical equipment and instruments (parts for dialysis machines, etc.)
  • Food containers (lids, etc.)


Is it possible to adapt hot runners to specific applications?
Yes, it is possible. Please let us know your needs so we can give you a detailed answer.
What kind of resins can your products handle?
In addition to ordinary thermo plastic resins, our products can also handle some thermo setting resins. Contact us for specific compatibility questions.
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