Indirect lightning solutions and LITOL lightning arresters for electrical panels (LTP series)

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Indirect lightning protection devices for electrical panels (LTP series)


SPD: Surge protective device

LTP series

LTP series


Our SPDs quickly respond to surges while being compact, easy to install, and labor saving (increase plant operating ratios) as well as contributing to risk reduction strategies.


  • Lightning solutions, indirect lightning solutions, operating ratio improvement, equipment breakdown prevention, delivery-maintenance strategies, and risk reduction


Can the devices be installed with any electrical panel?
They can be installed in low-voltage 100 V and 200 V panels with single-phase two-wire or single-phase three-wire connections with a separate ground wire.
Can they be installed by anyone?
A licensed and registered electrician must do the installation.
What JIS standards do the devices comply with?
The LTP series Type U complies with JIS C5381-1 Class II.
Where should the device be installed?
Install the device on the secondary side of the short-circuit circuit breakers in the building's main electrical panel (i.e., prior to the individual circuit breakers in each device).
What about the failure mode?
The LITOL failure mode is the open (isolated) mode.
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