Molded parts using composite soft magnetic material (MBS)

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Molded parts using bonded soft magnetic material (MBS)

Molded parts using bonded soft magnetic material (MBS)


Composite soft magnetic material (MBS) has outstanding magnetic properties. It is formed by applying high-density compression molding to soft magnetic powder that has undergone an electric insulation treatment.
1. Corresponding to large currents in a compact form
By applying our proprietary high-resistance insulation coating technology to pure iron powder with a highly saturated magnetic flux density, we can manufacture cores with sufficient resistivity with very little binder that can handle greater powers with higher duty factors than conventional dust cores.
2. High efficiency
These parts take advantage of the properties of dust cores that have little excess current loss to achieve performance that surpasses high-grade electromagnetic steel plates at frequencies over 10 kHz, reduced eddy currents, and low iron loss.
3. Excellent flexibility for shaping
Various kinds of core shapes are possible because pure iron powder has excellent molding properties at comparatively low costs and is well-suited to mass production.
4. Compared to steel plates, MBS molded parts offer thinner gaps, smaller footprints, lighter weight, and lower costs.
- Precision parts with complex 3D shapes can be produced even though the manufacturing method is more suited to mass production than machining.
- Powder metallurgy can create composite materials not possible with melted alloys and help further optimize materials.
- Powder metallurgy is environmentally friendly because the manufacturing process prevents material from being wasted.


1. Booster reactors for DC-DC converters
2. Motors and actuators
3. Reactor cores
4. Power generators
5. Power supplies
6. Smoothing reactors for inverters
7. Pumps
8. Applications in high-frequency magnetic fields
9. Low-loss materials
- Composite soft magnetic material cores (iron powder cores, dust cores)
- Composite soft magnetic material axial-gap motor cores (iron powder cores, dust cores)


By using the MBS,what kind of properties are obtained in comparison with laminated steel plates?
We have materials with equivalent iron loss not just at high frequencies but low frequencies as well.
(Generally, the materials offer lower iron loss, compared with laminated steel plates, only at high frequencies.)
Do you have only one type of material?
We have an extensive product line for many different applications, such as high strength, low iron loss, high magnetic permeability, thin-wall shapes, etc.
I've heard that with powder metallurgy, unit costs decline with larger volumes, but what about small lots?
Generally, it's true that larger volumes offer better cost advantages. But please talk to us first about your specific needs. We can handle small lots as well.
Can you deliver anywhere?
We can deliver worldwide.
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