Molybdenum, tungsten, and tantalum products

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These materials can withstand applications in high-temperature environments.
We offer consulting on material inventory sales, adaption to finished components, and design.
We can make short-turnaround and cost-saving proposals as well.


  • We can supply these materials as sheets, bars, or finished components.
  • Materials can withstand use in high temperatures (1,300 degrees)
  • Powders, metals, and other heat-processing components
  • Molybdenum heaters (rod heaters, mesh heaters)
  • Tungsten heaters
  • Reflectors
  • Tantalum covers


How long do deliveries for manufacturing take?
Deliveries take about two months once the specifications are finalized.
Can you work from technical drawings?
Yes, we can.
Do you do consulting on specifications?
Yes, we do.
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