Precious metal clay (PMC)

Molding Silver accessary out of precious metal clay (PMC).


Precious metal clay consists of very fine, uniformly arranged silver particles that can be fired at temperatures between 600 and 900 degrees Celsius.
The clay can be easily fashioned into artworks of your own design, and firing gives the artworks excellent strength and luster. Because the clay can be fired at a wide range of temperatures, artworks are easy to create without an electric kiln or oven; in small pans (a gas range is used as the heat source), or with a Bunsen burner.


  • Original silver jewellery and accessories


What are the retail prices?
Prices vary due to the market price of silver metal. Please ask at your local retailer.
Does the silver change color or fade over time?
Discoloration does occur due to sulfuration of the silver surface. The silver color can be restored by polishing the piece with a commercial silver polishing cloth or a soft cloth with a polishing agent.
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