Deep drawing, press components (component combination, machineless forging)


OCV: Oil Control Valve



  • Our press components can handle not only ordinary materials like irons, coppers, and aluminums but also stainless steels, pure titanium, and Inconel, and they can be used to address the following needs.
  • Combine products with a press that used to be welded together
  • Add value to products with a press that used to require cutting
  • Lower costs
  • Produce thin-wall seamless pipe
  • Mass production


  • Automotive parts

    Motor casings, magnetic shatterproof covers, OCVs and other plunger bearings, etc.
    Motors for household appliances, seat sensors and boil-over sensors for gas cookers, gas hot-water heaters


What sizes can your products handle?
The sizes vary by the material, but they can be used in presses ranging from 10 tonnes to 400 tonnes. Feel free to contract us for details about specific materials and applications.
How thin can the walls be made?
Stainless steel deep drawing to 100 µm is possible.
Where do you deliver?
We can deliver anywhere, domestically or overseas.
What shapes can be handled? When should we contact you?
If possible, contact us in the design stage. In some cases, it is possible to handle two parts with one component. In some cases, we may be able to suggest alternative manufacturing methods (sintering, forging, lost-wax casting, die casting, etc.). Please talk to us first.
Can you handle scaling up from prototyping to mass production?
Yes, we can. We start from the die design, so we can fold prototype achievements directly into mass production.
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