High-purity quartz crucibles (for single-crystal pulling equipment)

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Quartz crucibles

Quartz crucibles


These extremely high-purity quartz crucibles (quartz glass containers) are used when producing single crystal silicon, the raw material for semiconductor devices.


These quartz crucibles are used for pulling single crystal silicon that is used to produce semiconductors and solar cells.


What is a quartz crucible?
Semiconductor devices, which are the foundation of the semiconductor industry, are manufactured by forming tiny electronic circuits on silicon wafers that are formed from single crystal silicon.
The raw material for single crystal silicon is extremely pure polycrystalline silicon. Single crystal silicon is grown by filling a quartz crucible with polycrystalline silicon, applying heat to melt the silicon, and then pulling the crystal with a pulling rod.
Extremely pure quartz crucibles are the ideal containers for preserving the purity of the molten silicon while forming single crystal silicon.
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