Heat-resistant alloys

Ring for aircraft

Ring for aircraft

Heat-resistant alloys?�?Bolt?�?

Heat-resistant alloys (Bolt)


These are nickel-based heat-resistant alloys.
We handle materials that provide excellent heat resistance in harsh environments that stainless materials cannot withstand.


  • Petrochemical plants
  • Components for aircraft

Related products

Material Basic properties and applications Equivalent alloy
MC Alloy Excellent corrosion resistance to nitric hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, and sulfuric acid. Superior high-temperature corrosion resistance.  
MA-N Demonstrates excellent corrosion resistance to molten salts, especially to molten fluoride salt. Used in jet engine components.  
MA-X Has good high-temperature strength and excellent oxidization resistance. Hastelloy X
MA600, MA600T These materials offer excellent oxidation resistance and are used in industrial furnaces, aircraft, and nuclear power plants. Inconel 600
MA601 Excels especially in oxidation resistance. Used in heat treatment furnaces. Inconel 601
MA625 In addition to excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion by various acids, this material also features high fatigue strength. Inconel 625
MA718 Used in jet engine and rocket components for its outstanding high-temperature strength. Inconel 718
MA706 Used in jet engine and rocket components for its outstanding high-temperature strength. Inconel 706
MA750 Used primarily in gas turbine parts for its excellent high-temperature strength. Inconel X-750
MA75N Excellent high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance. Mainly used as heat treatment furnace material. Nimonic 75
MA80A Better high-temperature strength than MA75N. Used in high-stress applications. Nimonic 80A
MA90N Can be used in higher temperatures than MA80A. Used in jet engine and internal combustion engine components. Nimonic 90
MA263 Good high-temperature creep strength. Used in jet engine components. Nimonic 263
MA-WASP Good high-temperature strength. Used in jet engine and gas turbine components. Waspaloy
MA24 Excellent high-temperature oxidation resistance. Used for jigs when firing electronic materials and mesh belts in continuous annealing furnaces. Haynes 214 Alloy
MA23 Excellent high-temperature oxidation resistance and superior high-temperature strength. Used in jet engine and internal combustion engine components. Haynes 230 Alloy
MA25 Good high-temperature strength. Widely used as an aircraft and furnace material. Haynes 25 Alloy
MA188 Has superior oxidation resistance and high strength. Used in aircraft and gas turbines. Haynes 188 Alloy
UMC050 Superior thermal shock and wear resistance. Highly resistant to sulfur and vanadium attacks, and used as a heat treatment furnace material.  
MA800 Has good high-temperature strength, and also resistant to oxidation and carburization. Used in high-temperature petrochemical reaction equipment. Incoloy 800
MA800H Alloy with better high-temperature strength and higher creep rupture strength than MA800. Incoloy 800H
MA286 Precipitation-enhanced type alloy that has excellent high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance. Used in jet engine components. A-286
MA155N Excellent high-temperature strength. Used in turbine blades and jet engine components. N-155
MA5560 Superior oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and sulfuration resistance. Haynes 556 Alloy

Note: Hastelloy and Haynes are registered trademarks of Haynes International, Inc.
Note: Inconel, Incoloy, and Nimonic are registered trademarks of the Special Metals Corporation.
Note: Waspaloy is a registered trademark of United Technologies, Inc.


Can you provide estimates, including processing?
Yes, we can. We can create an estimate based on your technical drawings.
(See the page (7) Finished products from specialty alloys (devices, machinery, and parts))
Can you provide advice on selecting materials?
Yes, we can.
Do have an inventory of sheets and bars?
We always keep sheets and bars in stock. Please contact us for details.
Do you cut materials?
We can cut even one bar or sheet from our inventory.
Do you sell by the piece?
We sell by the piece from our inventory.
Is it possible to specify the outer diameter and wall thickness?
Do you handle small pipes?
It depends on the material, but we handle pipes as small as 1.59 in diameter.
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