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MA-INV36 Disk (Φ290 × thickness 5mm)

MA-INV36 Disk (Φ290 × thickness 5mm)


As industrial technology advances, there is increasing demand for process accuracy, which has made preventing heat deformation more important than ever before.
Consider using our alloys with low thermal expansion coefficients to ensure the accuracy of your equipment, components, and parts.
Our alloys have been particularly helpful in promoting high performance in the fields of fabrication machinery, measuring instruments, optical devices, and other precision components.


  • Optical device components
  • Optical communication equipment
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Thin-film processing equipment
  • FPD manufacturing equipment
  • Lead frames
  • Block gauges (standard length pieces)

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    Main features
Controlled expansion alloys MA-INV36 Only about one-tenth of the expansion of steels and ordinary alloys.
MA-S-INVER Shows the lowest thermal expansion, which is almost zero, among metallic materials.
Sealing alloys and constant elasticity alloys MA-F15KV Generally known for hard glass sealing. Thermal expansion is close to that of hard glass and ceramics.
MA902 Known as an alloy which has a very low Young's modulus temperature coefficient. Its thermal expansion coefficient is also low. By selecting the proper heat treatment conditions, high strength can be obtained.
High strength / oxidation-resistant controlled expansion alloys MA-B2 A corrosion-resistant alloy, which resists corrosion up to the boiling point at all concentrations. It is used as a material in electronic components. Because it is not magnetic, it is suitable for components that are incompatible with magnetic fields.
Comparison materials Mo As demonstrated by its very high melting point at 2620°C, this material retains its high strength and low expansion qualities into the high temperature range.
SUS304 In addition to its primary application in the petrochemical industry as a corrosion-resistant alloy, this alloy has been widely used recently at both low and high temperatures in industrial fields and in durable consumer materials.

MA-INV36: Commonly known as Invar
MA-S-INVER: Commonly known as Super Invar
MA-F15KV: Commonly known as Kovar
MA902: Commonly known as NI-SPAN-C


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