High-purity polycrystalline silicon and single-crystal silicon

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Polycrystalline silicon, columnar crystal silicon, single-crystal silicon


Columnar crystal silicon:
A polycrystalline silicon with a columnar crystal structure that has a uniform direction.
This type of silicon is used as a material in semiconductor manufacturing equipment because it offers both excellent mechanical strength and machinablity.

Polycrystalline silicon, single-crystal silicon

Polycrystalline silicon, single-crystal silicon


These are high-purity, high-quality silicon materials.
They are 99.999999999% pure (eleven nines).


Semiconductors, solar cells (silicon based)


What is silicon?
Next to oxygen, silicon is the most common element on the earth. Its chemical symbol is Si.
What is silicon used for?
It is a base material for solar cells as well as for semiconductors contained in computers, mobile phones, gaming devices, and other electronic devices.
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