Single-crystal silicon parts (wafers, targets, fabricated parts, etc.)

Silicon wafers

Silicon wafers


We offer stable supplies of high-quality single-crystal silicon parts.
We can produce small-lot orders for prototyping and research.

1. Silicon wafers for R&D use and equipment testing / evaluation use

We supply high-quality wafers, such as two-inch to 12-inch one-sided mirror wafers and oxide-film wafers.
On request, we can supply rectangular wafers and non-OF (orientation flat) (round) wafers.
We offer finishing processing, such as double-sided mirroring, double-sided etching, and double-sided lapping.
We can manufacture wafers with thicknesses between 100 µm (four inches) and 2000 µm.

2. Silicon wafers for sensors and MEMS

We supply high-precision wafers that support accurate groove processing for sensor and MEMS applications that use depth etching.

  • Smaller orientation (cutting angle) tolerances
  • Smaller OF position angle tolerances
  • Smaller thickness tolerances
  • More precise flatness

3. Sheets (materials for targets, etc.)

We supply silicon sheets for sputtering targets, which require high precision, high purity, and high temperature characteristics, and for semiconductor-related manufacturing equipment, such as liquid-crystal manufacturing equipment.
We supply parts in the shape and finish requested by the customer.

Example shapes

  • Shapes: Cylindrical, rectangular
  • Chamfering: round chamfering, C chamfering, light chamfering
  • Surface finishing: mirror surfaces, etched surfaces, lapped surfaces, grind surfaces, sliced surfaces

4. Special fabricated parts

We can supply products with various shape processing and surface processing to meet your needs as high-purity material parts for various kinds of manufacturing equipment.

Fabrication examples

  • Male and female screw tapping
  • Large and small ring fabrication
  • Cylindrical and rectangular post fabrication
  • Large and small hole drilling
  • Routing
  • Slit fabrication
Cylinder fabrication   Ring fabrication
Cylinder fabrication Ring fabrication
Routing   Routing
Routing Routing



  • For R&D
  • For testing and evaluating semiconductor equipment
  • For evaluations of resists and coating agents
  • Substrates for film evaluations


  • For MEMS fabrication, such as waveguides and sensors


  • For liquid-crystal manufacturing
  • For touch-panel manufacturing


  • Parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Trays for wafer transport (routed parts)


What is silicon?
Next to oxygen, silicon is the most common element on the earth. Its chemical symbol is Si.
What is silicon used for?
It is a base material for solar cells as well as for semiconductors contained in computers, mobile phones, gaming devices, and other electronic devices.
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