Wear resistant alloys (Bishilite)

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Bishilite engine valves

Bishilite engine valves


Made by adding elements such as chromium and tungsten to a cobalt base, these highly versatile wear-resistant alloys offer outstanding wear and oxidation resistance, and are subject to virtually no change in their properties.
Depending on the additives used, they can also be made exceedingly heat resistant, rendering them suitable for use in aircraft and ship engines, etc.


They can be welded to components subject to high wear and used to strengthen metal surfaces.

  • Hardfacing material (weld overlays)
  • Seat surfacing for ordinary valves
  • Automotive engine valves, marine engine valves
  • Surface hardening material for worms, screws, knives, and cutters

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Product Typical applications
Bishilite No. 1 Screw blades, crushers, mixers, saw blades
Bishilite No. 4 Dies for dry cell batteries
Bishilite No. 6 Internal combustion exhaust valves, high-pressure high-temperature valves, sleeves
Bishilite No. 6H Internal combustion exhaust valves, high-pressure high-temperature valves, sleeves
MS No. 6B Erosion shields
Bishilite No. 12 Internal combustion exhaust valves, hot extrusion dies, molten glass cutters
Bishilite No. 21 Hot forging dies, hot shears, valve mill screws
Bishilite No. 32 Automobile engine valves, chemical engineering valves
Bishilite No. 190 Rock bits for oil drilling
Bishilite No. 1016 Marine engine valves, chemical engineering valves
MC501 Chemical engineering centrifuges
MC502 Paper manufacturing centrifuges, shovels, shovel baskets

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Yes. We can make accommodations if you inform us of your usage environment.
What is the minimum lot size?
We can handle lots from 5 kilograms up.
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