PMC Products by Mitsubishi Materials Trading
(1) PMC Flex
PMC Flex is a pure silver clay that has been formulated to provide extended working time. Unlike the other versions of PMC™, Flex does not completely harden at room means it is possible to make rods and sheets for later use and to return to projects several days after getting started to continue working on them! When you are ready to sand or carve Flex, dry the object by heating to 300°F (150°C) for about 20 minutes. Firing and finishing is the same as for all other fine silver clays.

(2) PMC3
PMC with 90% silver content. The soft texture is like clay and easy to model. Fired at a wider temperature range of 600 to 900 degrees Celsius, the clay produces a brighter, stronger finished piece. Shrinkage during firing is about 10% to 18%, and the purity of the fired clay is 99.9%.

(3) PMC+ (Quick type)
PMC+ is clay with 90% silver content. It fires very quickly and shrinks by 8% to 15% during firing, which is the lowest among all PMC series products.

(4) PMC3 Syringe-type
Decorate your artwork or write on the piece with the convenient syringe. By adjusting the nozzle, you can change the thickness or make decorative patterns.

PMC Sheet-type
(5) PMC Sheet-type
The sheet clay can be freely folded or cut. Because it contains no moisture, there are no time constraints for the modeling-work as you like.

(6) PMC3 Paste-type
PMC in paste form can be used to glue clay to clay, fix parts to the clay, and attach two fired pieces together as well as to mend finished pieces. The paste can also be used to transfer patterns. (The paste is applied to the surface of a textured, inflammable material, and the pattern is imprinted on the paste. Then when the piece is fired the pattern is embeded in the surface of the piece as the pattern is burned away.)

(7) Silver Mesh
The pure silver mesh can be fired with PMC.

PMC 22KGOLD is clay that becomes an alloy of 91.6% gold and 8.4% silver after fired. Excellent in intensity and hardness.

(9) Gold Paste - Aura 22
Aura 22 is for decorating the surface of PMC(silver) pieces. Applied to the fired piece and then fired, Aura 22 creates a gold film. With special techniques, it can also be applied to sterling silver.