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  • Electric contacts for automobiles, electric contacts for home appliances, power

    Our dependable cadmium-free contacts feature excellent welding resistance and wear resistance for smaller, higher capacity relays and switches with longer service lives.

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  • Sintered bearings for automotive parts (oil-less bearings, oil-impregnating bearings, dry bearings)

    Bearings are self lubricating so continuous lubrication during operation is not necessary. Because lublicant is supplied from all slip surfaces, the bearing will not immediately seize up even if a slip surface runs dry.

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  • Molded parts using composite soft magnetic material (MBS)

    Composite soft magnetic material (MBS) has outstanding magnetic properties.treatment. It is formed by applying high-density compression molding to soft magnetic powder that has undergone an electric insulation treatment.

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  • Precision Forging

    We can supply a wide variety of customer needs. We maintain an array of procurement sources from Oversea manufacturer (Japanese manufacturers) as our precision forging is manufacture high quality.

    The advantages of Forging steel is highly durable. As a result, its use is highly effective as well. Includes a durable, For long periods , All parts are made ​​and decorated Forging Parts are safer than normal.

    Once procured, our system can finish products with machining and hea
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  • Sintered parts for automotive components

    These sintered parts for automotive components are well suited for cost-efficiency gains through mass production.

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  • Castings (precision casting, die casting, gravity casting)

    Our Kanagawa Branch can handle a wide variety of customer needs. It deals primarily with precision castings but also has a large range of die-cast aluminum products, gravity-cast aluminum products, and even some forgings. Also, in keeping with our customer needs, we maintain an array of procurement sources from overseas manufacturers (in China and Southeast Asia) and Japanese manufacturers.

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  • Gasket

    "GASKET EXHAUST MANIFOLD" Sheet metal stamping process to The metal plate has a high ratio of strength to weight. So a piece of sheet metal is lightweight and strong.

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  • Forging parts

    Systems, suspension parts and components in the car's engine which are related to security. This will require a lot of work to be featured in the production of parts that it meets safety standards.

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