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  • Motors (various unit products)

    We supply a wide variety of products, including units based on PM stepping motors.

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  • Synchronous motors

    These are highly durable, long-life motors. Built-in reduction gears provide high torque and a wide range of output shaft speeds. We also carry UL and CCC approved products.

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  • Stepping motors

    PM stepping motors have built-in reduction gears. These stepping motors provide high torque, low noise, and low vibration in a compact footprint.

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  • Reversible motors

    These are split-phase condenser-type synchronous motors with built-in reduction gears. These motors offer high torque in a compact package with excellent durability and long life.

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  • On-Board Motors

    These motors are built to withstand the harsh operating conditions around automotive engines. These step-motor-type linear actuators drive the valve shaft linearly.

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