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  • Corrosion-resistant alloys

    We only use specially selected electrolytic copper for our copper anodes, resulting in extremely high quality with minimal sludge.

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  • Heat-resistant alloys

    These are nickel-based heat-resistant alloys. We handle materials that provide excellent heat resistance in harsh environments that stainless materials cannot withstand.

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  • Wear resistant alloys (Bishilite)

    Made by adding elements such as chromium and tungsten to a cobalt base, these highly versatile wear-resistant alloys offer outstanding wear and oxidation resistance, and are subject to virtually no change in their properties.

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  • Aluminum products

    Lighter than iron and nickel and having fairly good corrosion resistance and workability, aluminum is widely used in many industries.

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  • Copper alloys

    We handle a great variety of copper products, including pure copper, bronze, special high-strength brass, and special aluminum bronze.

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