Our Advantages

Mitsubishi Materials Trading believes that trading companies exist to provide high value to customers' businesses. The following describes how we, a trading company, work to go beyond delivering a diverse array of products.
A trading company with the combined strengths of skilled staff and the experience of our Group, delivering high value to customers
The advantages of Mitsubishi Materials Trading come from three resources.
The Advantages of Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation  Mitsubishi Materials Group  Skilled staff  Experience
The first of our resources is the Mitsubishi Materials Group, which consists of nearly 200 companies centered on Mitsubishi Materials.
Mitsubishi Materials Group deals in all kinds of materials, including nonferrous metal such as copper and aluminum, cement, ceramics, silicon, and others. Additionally, we are capable of processing materials. Nothing about materials is unfamiliar to us. As the only trading company of Mitsubishi Materials Group, we are among the first to deliver to customers the products and technologies of the nearly 200 Group companies.
The second resource is the large pool of skilled staff.
In a balanced manner, we develop and assign specialists in specific areas and generalists with multidisciplinary knowledge. Many of our human resources are familiar with many different products and technologies and understand the facts involved in our customers' industries. It is our human resources that enable us to respond confidently to the needs of our customers.
Another resource that brings us advantages is our experience.
Since our founding in 1947, we have refined our strengths in procurement and technical skills and have continued to learn the things that are necessary for us to build trust with our customers and live up to their expectations. The environment of Mitsubishi Materials Trading is one that enables us to provide the high-quality service unique to a traditional materials trading company based on its accumulation of experience.

By combining the strength of our group, our skilled staff, and our experience, Mitsubishi Materials Trading is able to leverage its advantages to deliver high value to customers.

Supply Taking advantage of our priority relationship with Mitsubishi Materials, we supply their products.

Our priority position in the Group enables us to supply a wide range of products from the companies of the Mitsubishi Materials Group.

Our services also extend beyond the Group, as we procure commercial materials not supplied by any of the Mitsubishi Materials Group companies. Through long experience, we have developed a network that enables us to supply everything, and we have also developed the expertise necessary to exercise the utmost care in delivery methods, packing styles, and many other aspects of our business. Our highly specialized staff are able to collaborate with manufacturers in the development of products.

You may encounter problems such as difficulty in meeting a standard, unsatisfying performance, or deadlocked price negotiations. As a procurement coordinator, we offer solutions to these problems by ensuring optimal supply chains that do not compromise QCD (quality, cost, and deadline).

Technology Our support for customers also encompasses technical aspects

We have many skilled specialists in many technological fields. In cooperation with the generalists connecting technologies and business, we also provide technical support to customers.

No matter how great the benefits of a material or product are, it can rarely be put to use as it is. Many different techniques are necessary for processing and assembly.
That is where our team is able to provide the best answer for our customers.
Furthermore, we are able to share the latest information about the products and technologies of the Mitsubishi Materials Group as we help to solve customers' problems.

The commercial products procured using the skills and expertise that we have accumulated in many industries are adaptable to our customers' businesses. By doing so, we deliver the best answer for each customer, enabling the streamlining of production.

Proposal Identify a solution by gathering and utilizing all of the resources.

The mission of a trading company is to be the customer's indispensable business partner.

To this end, we must remain capable of understanding the needs of customers and propose solutions to our customers' problems from many perspectives. By gathering all of the skill, expertise, specialization, and cooperation within the Mitsubishi Materials Group companies together with our experience, all of which have been accumulated over many years, Mitsubishi Materials Trading identifies and proposes solutions in harmony with the unique characteristics of each customers' business operations.